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Patricia Donovan Bennett

Paul and Tricia Bennett founded the company 27 years ago. Together they grew a strong family business that built highly acclaimed custom yachts – both power and sail, restoration and repair of all types of boats, and yacht brokerage.

In 2007, Paul died after fighting a courageous with cancer. Tricia took over the helm as President to continue their shared vision of providing outstanding service for yachtsmen from around the world.

Over the years her calculated risks enabled the BBY facility to thrive when other full service boatyards marinas were disappearing.. Her philosophy is to remain disciplined, fiercely dedicated to offering the highest degree of service and to maintain a crew of the most highly skilled technicians in the industry.

Al Noble
Service Manager

With over 20 years of service here at Bennett Brothers Yachts, Al is the resident expert on all things mechanical, electrical, and navigational.

Al's reputation is legendary among our owners and boaters in the region and abroad, having the history of working in and then running the largest departments of the BBY facility. Al has an uncanny ability to diagnose and find the solutions for systems that are not performing. Al will tell you routine maintenance is the key to safe boating and his attention to detail will support that.
The most significant contribution to Al's expertise are his ABYC & NEMA certifications, with continuing education, as well as certifications from cutting edge electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and navigational aid vendors.

Holding current credentials from IMTRA and MEI bow thrusters, Al also maintains his 100 ton Captains license certification with endorsements for sailing, towing and certified sailing instruction.
His methodical approach to vessel service and work will surely save money in the long haul as quick fixes are not Al's standard and shouldn't be the best option for the experienced captain. In addition to all things maritime, Al maintains his NC real estate licensing, specializing in docks / slips in the area, providing the complete experience for the boater landing here at Bennett Brothers Yachts.

In his spare time Al is an avid fly fisherman; his water knowledge of the Cape Fear River and various lakes and streams in the region play a big roll in his life.

Eddie Jacobs
Mechanical Department Supervisor

Knowledge is power. Applying a powerful knowledge, where mechanics is concerned, is an asset not taken lightly. Bennett Brothers Yachts is proud to have Eddie Jacobs diagnosing what could be wrong mechanically on your vessel.

Gas or diesel engines (mechanical or electronically controlled), is the machinery that Eddie knows best. Eddie's 18 plus years of service here at Bennett Brothers Yachts has seasoned him for just about any mechanical situation that could surface. Eddie has many certifications and plenty of credentials. Eddie has a thorough understanding of various types of HVAC systems involving new complex gas installation, water, air, heat exchanger and keel cooled systems and how to economically handle the simple upgrade. In addition Eddie has significant hydraulic application certifications and many on going certifications that properly qualify him to handle your power, A/C, and hydraulic needs. In addition, Eddie's understanding of a wide range of pump systems including water pressure, stabilizer, sanitation, bilge and fuel/oil transfer round out his expertise. He is also skilled at performing shaft and engine alignments, strut and bearing repair and replacement. A/C and Genset service also fit into Eddie's knowledge. So, when your yacht requires a mechanic you can count on, Eddie has the experience to fix the problem, meeting your demands correctly the first time. Highly respected in our local boating community.

Joe Rose
Paint and Glass Supervisor

A 35 year veteran of the trade Joe runs the paint and glass department.

Would you like to extend the length of your yacht? Did you have an unusually hard landing?

Joe is your man.

"I'm most comfortable when the project is big , " Joe will say. His confidence stems from the luxury of seeing just about every kind of gel coat and glasswork known to man. His immediate assessments have been known to put the most concerned captains at ease. Color matching and custom fitting are never a problem. Joe will tell you, preparation and what lies underneath are almost more important than what you see, but when you see his work, you will see perfection. Special-molding, Framing, Custom lay-up, One off specialty projects are the scope of work that fits this glass and paint artist best. Color is important on your boat. Joe has extensive knowledge of what products to use and which application is best for each. Joe is happiest, when he makes your fabrication or repair look like it never happened. Prior to joining Bennett Brothers Yachts in 2000, he worked at Tartan; Palmer Johnson and several other builders, in sho r t Joe has repaired lots of fiberglass.

Joe's restoration and collection of classic ski-boats and outboards is always a topic of conversation. If you have a restoration project, or an up fit that will make your mark on the water, or help you catch more fish, give Joe a call..

Terry Rose
Broker in Charge
CYPB (Certified Professional Yacht Broker)

Terry Rose is a transatlantic sailor with extensive experience sailing in the Irish Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Bay of Biscay, Mediterranean and the Caribbean. These cruising experiences, combined with his service in the US Army , make him a most knowledgeable and enthusiastic captain at the helm during any purchase or sale. Terry joined Bennett Brothers Yachts in 1998.
Terry is a current member and former president of YBAA – the Yacht Brokers Association of America, the oldest national organization of yacht brokers whose purpose is to promote professionalism, competence and certification within the brokerage industry. Terry has the Offshore Yachtmaster Certification from Riversdale Technical College, Liverpool, England and was named an honorary Officer of the British Empire (OBE) for his work with the UK Department of Trade and Industry while living in England.

In tune with current trends and procedures, Terry takes pride in thorough representation of each vesse l listed with Bennett Brothers Yachts. His understanding of market trends and significance spans more than two decades. Terry's proven tenique of gathering data to fortify a decision with fact is known throughout the industry. His peers recognise him as a sales leader, his tenured track record speaks for itself.

Terry is a keen golfer, playing regularly on many championship courses throughout North America..

Peter Kurki
Commodore of Business Development

Patricia Bennett, president of Bennett Brothers Yachts, is pleased to announce that Peter Kurki has joined their team as a yacht broker. Peter, a resident of Wilmington, NC, moved from Fort Lauderdale - the "Yachting Captital of the World," in 2005. As a successful entrepreneur in a variety of businesses, Peter has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and success in all his ventures. Either on a vessel underway, on a surfboard in the barrel or wearing dive gear, Peter's passion and enthusiasm for the water is apparent.

His most recent projects were Marketing and Development on start -up wooden boatbuilder Masonboro Skiff Company and procurement, development and subsequent sale of the Wilmington and Brunswick County Discovery Map Franchises.

"Peter is a tremendous asset to our organization and joins a brokerage department well respected throughout the industry," said Patricia Bennett.

Bennett Brothers Yachts is celebrating 28 years building, brokering and restoring yachts - both power and sail - of all sizes. Their location on the Northeast Cape Fear River is strategically located between the yachting centers of Newport, RI and Fort Lauderdale in a hurricane-safe haven, the Cape Fear Marina. Bennett Brothers Yachts has an international reputation for providing outstanding service with their staff of experienced, dedicated craftsmen.

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